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I'm sending along a photo of the Folksmen on stage at the Troubadours of Folk Festival, held on the UCLA campus a few years back. I got a chance to hear truly great folked-up music live and got the band members to sign an event poster showing them next to Mary Chapin Carpenter and Arlo Guthrie. I also had an interesting run-in with Viv Savage. He was visiting a friend of mine, Tequila Mockingbird, in Hollywood and sold me a bag of killer pot. This was about five years ago. We shared a few Tap stories. Since I had seen the Seattle show, we talked about that. They were supposed to have "blown up" the devil's head that perched behind the group but they didn't. Also, while Tap played Gimme Some Money, the audience pelted the stage with coins, forcing the boys to play with their backs to the seats.

Westwood One Radio Networks

I have been a fan of Tap since the early Seventies and it's a good thing that somebody invented the computer or I might have missed your site. I managed to catch Tap during their 1992 tour at the Beacon Theater in New York. After waiting for an hour at the stage door, I met David and Derek as they exited. I had them sign my writing notebook, and Derek was even cool enough to shake my hand. (David must have gone for a trim after his facial since his hair was a lot shorter in person.) My only regret was not getting to meet Nigel. I even managed to record a bad bootleg of the show.

Bronx, New York

In the early Eighties Sting, Branford Marsalis and Ken Kurlin were putting together the Blue Turtles band and I was invited to go with them to Barbados. This is Spinal Tap had come out and I kept urging Sting to see it. We rented it from the one video store in town. Sting watched it every night for the next two weeks. He fell in love with it, just like many rock stars. We would speak in Spinal Tapese. For Tap fans who watch carefully in Bring on the Night, when Sting debuted Fortress Around Your Heart in Paris, they constructed a tiny fortage and lowered it on to the stage next to him. He didn't actually see it but you can see it on video if you look carefully. It's Spinal Tap size. A couple of weeks ago I was at Sting's house in England. It's a late Tudor mansion, warm and friendly, with the River Avon running through the backyard. He said, 'Come on, I'll show you the neighborhood and you can meet the neighbors.' So we get on horses and were romping through the English morning mist along the river. Sting is excellent horsemen, but I was sort of holding on. So we get about two or three miles down valley. I'm wanting to go back, but Sting says, 'C'mon, I really want you to meet the neighbors.' Everything is covered in this romantic mist as we approach the edge of this ridge and Sting starts singing aloud. 'In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history...' with this whole accent. Every word of it was perfect, straight from the movie. And then the mist clears and about 700 yards away in the morning dawn is Stonehenge. He keeps singing the whole Stonehenge song as we gallop around it. Then we went back and he finished working on Mercury Falling.

Rock Critic

I work at an amphitheatre which was graced with the date on the 1992 tour during which topless dancers appeared on stage during the Big Bottom encore. I have some great photos. I am also in possession of the Stonehenge monument used on the tour. It's in a small box somewhere.

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Thirteen years after I first saw This is Spinal Tap in theaters, I come across your Web page. I'm curious now as to who else is worshiping this absurdly clever movie. People either get it or they don't. I'm glad I got it.

San Francisco

For 12+ years, when asked what my favorite movie is, I've immediately named This is Spinal Tap. The inquisitor will typically then pitch his jaw slightly forward, roll his cabeza to the left, squint fiercely, and say "Huh?" I thought I was the only person on earth who fully appreciated Tap. Then a week or so ago I was dragged into the 20th century by my lovely wife and began to explore the Internet. My first search (after "Gertz, Jami," "McCartney, Linda" and "cantaloupes, ripe") was Spinal Pap. I quickly realized my typo, and, Viola! (Frank, Am. baseball player, 1958-), I found your outstanding site. You've got a great gig, but, tell me, what'r the hours?


Just read your Tap info and it put everything into perspective — too much fucking perspective. I hope you put somewhere on your site: "Chip Rowe on the keyboard... He wrote this!" Great work. Yours is a feat on par with the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone. Well, I'd love to sit and chat, but I have to go to the lobby and wait for the limo.

New York

A full and wonderful site, but nary a mention of the first U.S. appearance of Mr. Tufnel. Yes, "once a Squigtone, always a Squigtone." I just wish Nigel would have stuck with the clarinet. He had quite a knack for it. P.S. Despite the rumors, I was not the one who "played the organ" on that first record.

"the 12th Squigtone"

Christmas with the Devil is not the best song to do door-to-door caroling. Especially if you are by yourself and staggering drunk. Maybe I should try Big Bottom at a Weight Watchers convention. Spinal Tap wrote the soundtrack for dysfunctional lives. How big a Taphead am I? I was born in 1970 and I have been a fan since '68. I have to go check out some feet fetish websites and have a cup of hot chocolate. Tap Forever.


I had one of the original Spinal Tap shirts, all black with the logo small on the front right breast and big on the back, with the tour dates — it had a left breast pocket, very useful. Sadly it was cheaply made, and I wore it out. Wonder what it'd fetch on eBay? For those wanting a Tap shirt today let me recommend Kinko's. They can make iron-on transfers or just print whatever you've got on a shirt for a few bucks — depends on whether you want the back and sleeves done, or just the front. I had the original TIST album too, with the title sticker on it. The sticker was on the shrink wrap but something told me to retain it. That's gone now too.


Spinal tap is the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world
Spinal Tap rules
Spinal tap are the true kings of metal


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