David St. Hubbins


David St. Hubbins has kept a justifiably low profile.

Having wed his longtime lady, designer Jeanine Pettibone, in 1986, the blonde singer/guitarist has settled into the Southern California lifestyle “big time” — the happy couple live in the fashionable Pomona area where Jeanine runs the noted New Age boutique, Krystals ‘n’ Kandles, while hubby David coaches soccer for the local park commission.

He also spends much of his spare time working with up-and-coming young rock bands, producing their “garage flavored” demos for his own Pettiwhip Productions.”No ‘next big thing’ yet,” quips St. Hubbins, grinning that deeply vague grin, “but these kids are the best.”

In recent years, St. Hubbins has been collaborating (by mail) with his amateur musician father, Ivor, on an “all-scat” version of Bizet’s Carmen.